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Dust to Dust 14 x 11 Acrylic 2019.jpg

I started doing commissioned portraits in the spring of 1985 and have continued it to this day. My work has been in three establishments since 1991, starting with Patty Ryan’s Milwaukee Gallery and Frame, Joe and Dawn Mader’s Studio 915 and Jamie Allard and Don Di Martino’s Serendipitous Design and Gifts. In late august of 2013, some of the artwork here has been entered in judged art exhibitions and have received three 1st places, 3 Honorable mentions, a People’s choice, Best in Show and a 3rd Place Award from the National Arts Program.

There are currently 14 art collections here, ranging from Landscape, Performing Arts, History of Film, Beast of Bray Road, Fun Portraits, Steampunk, Horror stories and of course Portraits. These subjects will continue to grow because there are so many more subjects out there.

We are all students in the art of life, and we have the tendency to turn life into art. So, join me for some beauty, fun, steampunk and some entertaining stories.


Frank Moraza

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